Lease vs Buy

I am currently taking a real estate class so that i can get my license. I’ve been thinkning about getting a new vehicle because my current one is not the ideal vehicle that i would want to carry clients in. So i really have been thinkning of leasing a vehicle instead of buying one. For some, that may sound crazy but i think i would like that. my reasoning for leasing is that I can get a nicer car with lower monthly payments, while I have the car it will be under warranty and at the end of the lease I have the option to purchase the car. The only downside to leasing is paying for a car that you will never have ownership of. But with a lease, I can be driving a new car every three years.

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Aticle Of the Week “Top Reasons Why You will Never Be Wealthy”

Every week I will be starting of with an article that I wrote in helium. I will post the first paragraph and you have to click the link to read the rest. Feel free to comment about likes, dislikes or changes that can be made thanks.

“There are millionaires created everyday through a variety of avenues. How many times have you asked yourself “why can’t I be wealthy?” Especially in these economic times, we wish that there was a way we   could become rich over night besides winning the lottery. The reason why most of us are not rich is because we were not given the tools to become rich.”

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